About the Plan

The purpose of the Northwest Quadrant Revitalization Plan (Plan) is to develop an area-wide revitalization plan for the northwest quadrant of the City of Olean that will provide a framework for how underutilized properties can lead to redevelopment initiatives that improve the economy and quality of life for residents and businesses. This effort is the second of three steps under the New York State Department of State (NYSDOS) Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Program. The first step was completed in 2007.

Check out each of the tabbed sections below for more information on the Plan, the BOA Program, and the Project Team.

The study area covers approximately 904 acres in the northwest quadrant of the City in an area with a long industrial heritage. The study area generally includes lands west of Olean Creek, north of Wayne Street and Constitution Avenue, south of Fountain Street and east of North 24th Street. Some of the key sites in the study are include:

  • Bluebird Industrial Park
  • Dresser Rand
  • I-86 Corridor
  • North Olean/Homer Hill Neighborhood
  • Olean Middle & High School
  • YMCA
  • Cattaraugus County Office Building


As part of this effort, the Plan will provide a preliminary description and analysis of the proposed BOA and will include:

  • Public Meetings & Workshops
  • Business Leader Forums
  • Project Website & Newsletters
  • Inventory & Analysis of Existing Conditions
  • Analysis of Economic & Market Trends
  • Business Recruitment Strategy
  • Master Planning
  • Funding & Implementation Strategy



Project Timeline

Funding for the Northwest Quadrant Revitalization Plan was provided through the NYSDOS BOA Program, a three-step planning process that provides grants and technical support to help communities complete and implement revitalization strategies. Developed in 2003 as the planning component of the NYS Superfund/Brownfield Law (GML Article 18-C, Section 970-r), the BOA Program provides municipalities and community-based organizations with financial and technical assistance to complete area-wide revitalization strategies for neighborhoods impacted by the presence of brownfields, environmental hazards or economic distress.

A “brownfield” is real property whose expansion, redevelopment or reuse may be complicated by the actual or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant.

NYS Department of State

Brownfield sites are typically former industrial or commercial properties where operations may have resulted in environmental impairment. The BOA Program assists communities in identifying and analyzing sources of neighborhood distress, and provides the resources and capacity to develop and implement revitalization strategies for primary sites, brownfield sites, and neighborhoods.

As noted above, the BOA Program is a three-step process that provides grants and technical support to help municipalities and community organizations complete and implement revitalization strategies for their communities (a description of each step can be found to the right). At the completion of this three-step program, communities are designated a Brownfield Opportunity Area, thus increasing their competitive position for funding and incentives under the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Brownfield Cleanup Program, the Empire State Development Corporation’s economic development programs, and many other State and Federal assistance opportunities.

Step 1 consists of a preliminary analysis of the community and potential brownfield sites, the identification of the study area, the establishment of partnerships with key stakeholders, the initiation of the public participation process, and an initial identification and summary of opportunities for revitalization. This step sets the stage for more detailed analyses conducted as part of Step 2.

Step 2 consists of comprehensive analysis of the study area and individual brownfield sites, an analysis of economic and market trends used to assist in strategy development, and the development of specific recommendations for the revitalization of strategic sites. The Northwest Quadrant Revitalization Plan is a Step 2 Nomination Study.

Step 3 funds the development of detailed individual site assessments, as necessary, to determine site-specific remediation strategies and needs, the creation of a detailed reuse and redevelopment strategy for strategic sites, and the development of a marketing strategy for individual redevelopment sites in the Study Area.
It should be noted, however, the BOA Program does not provide monies for direct cleanup efforts – additional state and federal programs exist for the direct remediation of sites, such as the DEC Environmental Restoration Program, the DEC Brownfield Cleanup Program, and the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Brownfield Program. These programs focus on physical investigations and activities, further assisting local municipalities in dealing with brownfield properties and their impacts on communities.

Check out the NYSDOS Brownfield Opportunity Area Program website for more information.

In XXX 2012, the City of Olean selected the Project Team led by Bergmann Associates to complete the second step in the BOA program for the Northwest Quadrant Revitalization Plan. A brief introduction to the Project Team can be found below:

Bergmann Associates

Lead Project Consultant

With more than 15 successful NYSDOS BOA Program projects statewide, Bergmann offers in-depth knowledge of how the BOA Program can be customized to each community’s needs. In-house capabilities directly related to this project include urban planning, complex highway and rail design, technology park design, public works facility design, community outreach, brownfield remediation and landscape architecture.

Camoin Associates

Economic Development

Camoin Associates is a recognized leader in market analysis, government efficiency evaluations, special project financing and fiscal impact assessment, will lead all macro and micro level market analysis efforts for the project.

Herron Consulting

Site Selection/Business Recruitment

Herron Consulting is a nationally recognized consulting firm specializing in site selection and commercial/industrial recruitment strategies. They will be specifically focused on defining realistic recruitment strategies for the re-use of catalytic sites within the study area.

J. Fitzgerald Group

Marketing & Branding

J. Fitzgerald Group an international advertising, marketing and branding firm located in Upstate New York, will help develop a brand for the study area to improve competitiveness and encourage future economic development.

Hodgson Russ, LLP

Legal Expertise

Hodgson Russ, LLP will provide legal expertise as it relates to brownfield remediation financing, due diligence and environmental risk assessments, environmental liability and project financing and structuring.

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