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Upfront and continuous community engagement is critical to establishing a sense of local ownership and support for the planning process. As such, one of the primary reasons for this website is to provide an accessible venue that interested residents and stakeholders can use to participate in the planning and implementation process. Please use the resources provided here to get involved and stay informed.

A summary of the involvement opportunities associated with Step 2 of the Northwest Quadrant Revitalization Plan can be found below. For specific meeting dates and times, check the Announcements page often as this will provide the most up-to-date scheduling information for the Plan. Additionally, if you have any questions or would like to share your ideas with the Project Team, please contact us through our web-based contact form.


Three public meetings are scheduled as part of the Plan, including a Project Kick-Off & Visioning Meeting, a Design Workshop and the Presentation of the Final Draft Report. A brief summary of each can be found below.

Meeting Summaries

Bergmann Associates facilitated a day-long open house session to solicit information, feedback and ideas from the public regarding the Olean Northwest Quadrant Revitalization Plan. The open house was held in conjunction with the National election on November 6 adjacent to the polling location for the Study Area neighborhoods.  Residents were asked to provide feedback directly on maps of the study area, as well as comment sheets focused on obtaining Opportunities and Constraints considered important to the revitalization of the Study Area.

A more detailed summary of the Project Kick-Off and Visioning Meeting, as well as the presentation boards used during the meeting, can be downloaded below.

Meeting Summary

Project Kick-Off & Visioning Meeting

Presentation Boards 1 through 3

Project Kick-Off & Visioning Meeting

Presentation Boards 4 through 6

Project Kick-Off & Visioning Meeting


At the completion of the inventory and analysis components of the Nomination Study process, the Project Team will kick-off the master planning phase of the project by facilitating a Design Workshop in the study area.  The meeting will include three primary components:

  • A community character survey;
  • An educational component regarding best-practices for design; and
  • A hands-on, small group exercise whereby residents and meeting participants put their ideas and thoughts directly on paper.

Following this workshop, a consolidated set of ideas will be compiled from each design breakout group, which will help to form the basis of the master planning effort.

The exact date and time for the Design Workshop has yet to be determined.  Check the Announcements page for scheduling updates.  Following this meeting, a summary will be posted here.

The purpose of this meeting is to present the Final Draft Nomination Study for the Northwest Quadrant Revitalization Plan to the local community.

The exact date and time for this meeting has yet to be determined.  Check the Announcements page for scheduling updates.  Following this meeting, a summary will be posted here.

The business owners and property owners within the Study Area play a critically important role in the future prosperity and success of the City. As such, three Business Leader Forums will be held during preparation of the Northwest Quadrant Revitalization Plan. A summary of these forums will be provided following event.

Check the Announcements page for scheduling updates.

The City of Olean recognizes that not all community members are able to attend all of the public meetings and involvement efforts, but are interested in learning more about the status, key findings and recommendations developed for this project. As such, two newsletters and two newspaper articles will be authored over the course of the project to help inform residents about the BOA planning process, the status of the Northwest Quadrant Revitalization Plan and how they can be involved.

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The City understands that a successful BOA program relies on continuous, active, and meaningful engagement from the local community and other project partners. If you have any thoughts or ideas related to the Northwest Quadrant Revitalization Plan, please take a moment and complete the contact form found below.

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